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Grand Forks Home Before Dark Concert

My first Neil Diamond concert was last night in Grand Forks, North Dakota -- his first time in GF since 1970 (before I was born...)! We were six rows from the stage, a bit to the left. It was fantastic! The songs he did were mostly as nmgirl98 reported. I have starred the ones that were not on her Ft. Lauderdale list.

Holly Holy
Beautiful Noise
Love On The Rocks
Play Me
September Morn*
Cherry, Cherry
Home Before Dark
Don't Go There
Pretty Amazing Grace
Crunchy Granola Suite
Done Too Soon
--talks about his life
Brooklyn Roads
I Am...I Said
Solitary Man
Forever In Blue Jeans
Sweet Caroline
--1 repeat of Sweet Caroline chorus
You Don't Bring Me Flowers
I'm A Believer
--band intro
--Hurricane Ike
Man Of God
Hell Yeah
--walk off
Cracklin' Rosie*
--second walk off
Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show

I have never seen so many old, drunk people in one place. I think everybody had a good time. AND he walked around on the floor. AND he sang September Morn to a woman in the front row. AND he kissed her. AND it was on the lips.

I bought some souvenirs, too. We got the husband's grandmother a key chain (a very nice one) for $10. I got a $15 mug for myself. I thought about getting a cute white teddy bear, but I thought $20 was a bit much. It was very cute, though. They also had a variety of t-shirts and posters (but they didn't say Grand Forks on them, since it was an added concert), an $8 pin, and some other stuff.

It was one of the best nights of my life!

My souvenirs:

And a couple photos from the Grand Forks Herald:

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