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Good News [30 Jun 2009|10:01am]

Looks like those of you in Australia and other countries that use PAL - it will be available on August 21.  I don't know much about the PAL system - is that used in England as well?


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August 14!!! [29 Jun 2009|02:56pm]



This Television Event Celebrates the DVD Release of "Hot August Night/NYC: Live From Madison Square Garden"

NEIL DIAMOND - HOT AUGUST NIGHT: NYC, a new concert special featuring highlights from one of Neil Diamond's most memorable recent concerts, will be broadcast Friday, Aug. 14 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

The special features electrifying performances from Diamond's latest sold-out concerts at Madison Square Garden in New York. Diamond sings several of his classic and beloved Top Ten hits including "America," "Cracklin' Rosie," "I Am...I Said," "Cherry, Cherry" and the world's greatest sing-along song, "Sweet Caroline." In addition, Diamond reflects on a recent visit to his hometown, as he takes the audience on his journey from Brooklyn to Madison Square Garden, in an intimate look at the man behind the music.

The NEIL DIAMOND - HOT AUGUST NIGHT: NYC broadcast celebrates the simultaneous DVD release from Sony Music of the complete show recorded during Neil Diamond's historic four-night run at Madison Square Garden. Featuring over two hours of live music and 25 career-spanning hits, the DVD captures the dynamic energy that has epitomized Neil Diamond's live performances for over four decades and includes "Song Sung Blue," "Holly Holy," and the very first live release of "Pretty Amazing Grace" from his most recent #1 album, Home Before Dark. Also included is additional footage of the exclusive bonus feature "Welcome Home Neil," a behind-the-scenes look at Diamond's pilgrimage to his childhood home in Brooklyn. The DVD with bonus CD is available exclusively at all Wal-Mart locations and online at Walmart.com (www.walmart.com) beginning Friday, Aug. 14.

Neil Diamond's eclectic and universally beloved songs - as well as his charismatic and openhearted performances of them - continue to make him an international force both as a record maker and a live entertainer. In an impressive musical career that has spanned nearly five decades, he has released dozens of albums and sold more than 125 million records worldwide, with a remarkable track record of 15 Top Ten albums and 37 Top Ten singles. His songs such as "Sweet Caroline," "I Am...I Said," "Cracklin' Rosie," "America," "Song Sung Blue" and "You Don't Bring Me Flowers," and the rest of his vast catalog of hits, are the reason that this Grammy-winning artist was inducted into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame and received the same organization's prestigious Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award. Among Diamond's many other notable honors, he has to date received a Golden Globe Award and 12 Grammy nominations and, in February, was named the 2009 MusiCares Person of the Year. His latest release, the critically acclaimed Home Before Dark, his first ever #1 debut, marked one of his most successful worldwide tours ever, solidifying his status as one of the most dynamic performers of our time.

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[07 Feb 2009|10:01pm]

The MusiCares event was a huge success!

Video Snippets are here

Pictures are here

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[04 Feb 2009|08:47am]

 I'm sure many of you know that Neil will be honored by the Grammys this week as their Musicares Person of the Year  This ceremony won't be broadcasted but it will be available on DVD at some point.

I also have it on VERY GOOD AUTHORITY that Neil Diamond fans should watch the Grammys this Sunday.  That's all I've been told - just watch.

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Happy Birthday, Neil!! [24 Jan 2009|08:46am]

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[21 Dec 2008|08:27pm]

Billboard Magazine has a poll up -
What was the biggest chart story of 2008?

Choices are:

Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter III" sold a million copies its first week
Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" became the 1000th No. 1 of the rock era.
AC/DC earned its first No. 1 debut on the Billboard 200.
Chubby Checker's "The Twist" was named the Hot 100's All-Time No. 1
Neil Diamond scored his first No. 1 Billboard 200 album ever.

Neil is currently in the lead over Lil Wayne..but only by about 3% so go over and vote!!

Or as they say in Chicago - Vote Early, Vote Often :) :) :)
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[18 Dec 2008|07:12pm]

Hey All!

I've been looking all over to find a .mp3 version of If I Don't See You Again.... do any of you guys have it? (I have Home Before Dark, but I'm looking for a version to keep on my computer... so I'm not ripping Neil off or anything :) )

Thanks in advance, and sorry if this isn't allowed!
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Christmas Help Needed! [16 Dec 2008|10:28pm]

Hi All!

New to the community but been brought up on Neil all my life (i'm 25) I was wondering if anybody could help me, my dad has a video with Neil doing a Christmas concert type thing (it aired on UK tv years ago) and he was gutted when he realised we wouldn't be able to watch this year as we don't have a video player anymore (it broke in Summer) so I was wondering if anybody knew where I could buy or download it? Or even if you have even heard of it?

Thanks in advance

Lis x
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Neil Graphics [23 Nov 2008|07:05pm]

I couldn't see any rules that says we're not allowed to share graphics here so I've got some I'd like to share with you.

This post contains six icons from The Jazz Singer and six icons I made using lyrics from Neil's songs.

If you'd like to use any of these icons then please feel free but please host the images yourself and do not claim as your own.

Icons below the cutCollapse )
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Grand Forks Home Before Dark Concert [23 Nov 2008|10:41am]

My first Neil Diamond concert was last night in Grand Forks, North Dakota -- his first time in GF since 1970 (before I was born...)! We were six rows from the stage, a bit to the left. It was fantastic! The songs he did were mostly as nmgirl98 reported. I have starred the ones that were not on her Ft. Lauderdale list.

Play ListCollapse )

I have never seen so many old, drunk people in one place. I think everybody had a good time. AND he walked around on the floor. AND he sang September Morn to a woman in the front row. AND he kissed her. AND it was on the lips.

I bought some souvenirs, too. We got the husband's grandmother a key chain (a very nice one) for $10. I got a $15 mug for myself. I thought about getting a cute white teddy bear, but I thought $20 was a bit much. It was very cute, though. They also had a variety of t-shirts and posters (but they didn't say Grand Forks on them, since it was an added concert), an $8 pin, and some other stuff.

It was one of the best nights of my life!

PhotosCollapse )
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[21 Nov 2008|12:49pm]

By the way folks, David Wild has a new book out called "I Am I Say: How I learned To Stop Worrying and Love Neil Diamond"

I've got it and am reading it...and loving it!

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Top Five [21 Nov 2008|10:53am]

Suppose you encountered someone who didn't know any Neil Diamond songs (except, obviously, for Sweet Caroline). After you calm yourself with some breathing exercises, what five songs would you strap them into a chair and force them to listen to? Would they be Neil's more serious songs? The fun ones? New? Old? Profound? Haunting?

Opinions, please?
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Questions About Going to a ND Concert [14 Nov 2008|04:34pm]

Okay, I'm a Neil Diamond concert virgin. But not for long! The concert is only a week away, so I need to start making some plans. And I need your help big-time!

I know it differs by venue, but do you think I would get away with sneaking a camera in? Would Neil hate me for taking just one picture or maybe a brief video or SOMETHING?

Second, if I make a glow-in-the-dark puffy paint shirt proclaiming my Neil love, would I look foolish wearing it to the show? And if I don't care about looking foolish, what are the chances he will call me to the stage and sing to me if I am wearing the shirt? Or should I make a sign?

Thanks in advance for all of your help! <3
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Going to See Neil! [27 Oct 2008|03:56pm]

My husband got us tickets to go see Neil when he comes to Grand Forks in November. I am so excited that he has added some more stops to his tour.

I am curious -- have any of you been to a concert on this tour? I'm wondering if he is playing a lot of old stuff, a lot of new stuff, a medley (hope not, hope not)?

Anyone else currently holding tickets?

This is like a dream come true for me!!
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[30 Jun 2008|08:51pm]

Neil wrapped up  his European tour at the Glastonbury Festival yesterday.  

For those interested, you can see 32 minutes of it - http://www.bbc.co.uk/glastonbury/2008/artists/neildiamond/

In interviews before this event, he seemed a little nervous about playing this festival - but from the looks of things (and subsequent reviews) he knocked 'em dead!
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Advance Notice [27 May 2008|06:28pm]

This is just an advance notice for Neil Diamond fans in the UK.

'An Audience With Neil Diamond' will be broadcast on Saturday 31st May at 8:30pm on ITV1.

Read All About The Show
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[25 May 2008|10:50am]

 Here's some linkage for your holiday weekend -

First off, Neil was a guest on the Jonathan Ross show (BBC) this past week and performed Pretty Amazing Grace and Love on the Rocks-

Then he was on the Jimmy Kimmel show and did a hilarious skit with Jimmy

If you surf through YouTube, you'll find more from the Jonathan Ross show, the BBC concert as well as some footage from his first show last night in Rotterdam.  If you search username Jaysnest57, he/she has some of the videos up.
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[15 May 2008|09:40pm]

Sorry for being such a spammer in here!

Just thought you all would like to know that Sirius Radio has extended the Neil Diamond Channel (Channel 3) for 2 more weeks! If you don't have Sirius, you can get a free 3 day online trial at www.sirius.com/neildiamondradio

Neil Diamond is going to choose some of his favorite songs - including some of his compositions interpreted by other artists, and he'll give the inside scoop behind the songs from his new album, Home Before Dark. Catch Neil when he takes over the channel on Friday May 16 at 9 pm ET, Saturday May 17 at 9 am, Noon and 3 pm ET, and Sunday May 18 at 1 pm, 4 pm and 7 pm. All times Eastern. "
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[14 May 2008|07:52pm]

Contact Music has some pictures of Neil's appearance on The Today Show up

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[13 May 2008|07:21pm]

Hi kids - I'm new around here but not to Neil Diamond!

Just wanted to stop by and let ya know that Home Before Dark is, according to Billboard, the Number 1 album this week.

It's Neil's first!!!

Also - great interview on Billboard where he talks about the tour and how the album came together. Very interesting - http://www.billboard.com/bbcom/feature/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1003802771
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